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There are pianos, and then there is the musical experience that can only be had from the superbly crafted instrument known simply as the STEINWAY. Throughout the world, the name STEINWAY evokes the zenith in performance excellence. From its integrally engineered tone to the artisanal, sculptural features of its case, every STEINWAY is a masterpiece.

From its inception in 1853, STEINWAY has been synonymous with innovation and for upholding the highest standards. Manually crafted in New York, today’s STEINWAY pianos represent a melding of hallowed techniques with the latest technology. As the industry benchmark, STEINWAY is the instrument of choice across a wide range of musical styles from classical to contemporary, and formal to improvisational. Fortunately for Midwesterners, STEINWAY ownership does not entail a trip to Europe or even to the East Coast. Steinway has a home, a piano store in Kansas City that is also unlike any other.

STEINWAY PIANO GALLERY: Your Piano Store in Kansas City

A piano performance is an especially powerful expression of creativity, communication, intimacy, and inclusion. With this in mind, STEINWAY PIANO GALLERY was opened to serve patrons of the musical arts with discriminating tastes not only in Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita, but also in the entire state of Kansas and western Missouri. We strive to provide the utmost in service excellence to those who require the best and who know that the STEINWAY marque represents musical artistry in its highest form.

We invite you to visit our showroom. At our piano store in Kansas City you will find a choice selection of the finest new and used STEINWAY, Spirio, Boston, and Essex instruments in grands as well as uprights. Do not be intimidated if budget is a consideration. Access to ownership may be possible through special financing. We also offer a piano rental service. Our staff will gladly assist you to find the perfect option for your home, skill level, and interest. In addition, we can provide piano teacher referrals for those starting on their musical journey. For those with unique considerations, STEINWAY will custom craft a bespoke instrument upon request. Additional services include piano delivery and moving, use of STEINWAY Recital Hall, and concert piano rentals.

Do not wait to bring the enrichment only a piano can bring into your life. Contact us today to learn how STEINWAY PIANO GALLERY, your piano store for the greater Kansas City, Wichita, and Topeka metro areas including all of Kansas and Western Missouri, can make your seemingly impossible dream to own the world’s finest musical instrument a reality.

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