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At the Steinway Piano Gallery of Kansas City, residents of the greater Kansas and Western Missouri regions have come to rely on our network of highly skilled professional technicians. These experts prepare and service all of our showroom instruments so our esteemed clients experience the peak performance for which Steinway is renowned across the globe. They also provide tuning, voicing, and regulation services in residences, concert halls, conservatories, houses of worship, and educational facilities as an important component of Steinway’s matchless warranty service.

Whether you are searching online for piano tuning in Kansas City, a piano tuner in Wichita KS, or a piano tuning in Topeka, one company stands out: the Steinway Piano Gallery of Kansas City. We have earned our reputation as sellers of the finest crafted musical instruments by Steinway. Additionally, we offer expert services to maintain your cherished piano at peak condition, including tuning and technical services as needed.

Our tuners are often asked how frequently their instrument should be tuned. The frequency of tuning depends on the piano’s age, purpose, environment, and rate of usage. Generally speaking, pianos in residences can expect to require tuning about once a quarter. For instruments in more constant use, such as in classrooms and concert halls, more frequent tuning may be required.

Piano tuning is not a task for amateurs. It is a complicated process that involves, among other steps, adjusting the tension of hundreds of strings and tuning pins to the precise tension that each requires. When you are in need of piano tuning in Kansas City or a piano tuner in Wichita , simply contact the skilled, highly trained and experienced technical services experts at the Steinway Piano Gallery of Kansas City.

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