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Exterior Piano Repairs and Cleaning

The exterior finish on pianos can easily become scratched, chipped and worn over time. Years of environmental dust, smoke, or any number of elements can seep into the pores of most furniture finishes and cause them to turn dark, dull, and unsightly. Years of furniture polish buildup can create an oily, streaky look. Beyond a basic dusting or “wipe down", you need a professional piano finish expert to perform the type of services that can help return your piano's existing finish to its former glory and luster. Whether your piano has a delicate matte black, wood tone or a high gloss polyester finish...our expert piano repair services in Kansas City can transform your piano back into the gorgeous piece of fine furniture it once was.

Interior Piano Cleaning and Sanitizing

Over time, the inside of any piano can accumulate dust and even mold or mildew. Through the years, any number of objects can fall under the strings or under the keys and potentially cause odd buzzing, vibrations, or performance issues. Paperclips, pencils, children's toys, and papers are just some examples of common household items found in many older pianos. It is also common for insects and other critters to nest inside older pianos as they provide safe and dark places to shelter. Our expert piano cleaning services in Kansas City can help you to feel confident that your piano isn't a safe haven for unwanted guests. If you are either selling or considering the purchase of a used piano from a private party, let us help you ensure your piano is clean and sanitized from any potentially harmful elements.

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