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For many who have studied the instrument, their first piano experience was an upright piano. In 1855 Steinway & Sons revolutionized the “square piano” as it was known in the United States, by focusing on a redesign that conquered the issues every previous upright piano had presented. Its full iron frame produces an exceptional, robust tone, unlike the “thin / one-dimensional” sounds made by Steinway’s competitors' models. It premiered at the New York World’s Fair that year and immediately became the industry standard, setting the bar exceptionally high for other manufacturers. Today, the Steinway Upright Model K52 endures as the industry’s leading flagship upright piano around the world.

Stunning Upright Pianos for Sale: Exceptional Quality & Sound

Today, those in the Greater Kansas City area who are seeking an upright piano for sale, do not need to search online for “upright pianos near me”. Instead, they can make their way to the Steinway Piano Gallery to obtain their personal industry standard in a Steinway upright piano, Essex upright piano, Boston upright piano, or one of our establishment’s quality used upright pianos. This style presents the ideal choice for pianists with limited budgets and smaller living spaces. Upright pianos are ideal for use in practice studios, residences, and public spaces such as dining establishments. 

Steinway & Sons Essex Upright Piano

Equally distinctive in appearance, the Essex upright piano represents a collaboration with esteemed furniture designer William Faber. The Essex, however, has been created in a range of case styles and finishes to make a stunning impression in every home. The instrument is available in an array of differing sizes, models, and case veneers to complement every residential decor. It may, of course, lend itself just as well to use in a commercial or institutional setting. Whatever case is selected, be it satin black, deep walnut, or aubergine mahogany, and embellished with nickel or brass hardware, every Essex upright piano provides the performance and durability coupled with tonal superiority one expects from a Steinway. 

Huge Selection of New & Used Upright Pianos

There is always a market for a previously loved Steinway, especially for the used upright pianos at the Steinway Piano Gallery. For those seeking an upright piano for sale but who are short on space and also budget-minded will doubtless find a wonderful solution in our ever-changing inventory. Our used piano selections have been refurbished using only the highest quality Steinway parts, and carry a one-year dealer warranty.

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